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Our membership is now open and we are really excited to be able to welcome so many new members to our little running community - we are so much more than just a running club, we like to think of ourselves as a community of runners who like to train, run, race and have fun together.

The cost of membership is charged at a very reasonable; £12 year, and all of this money goes towards the cost of operating a club and providing the best possible support for our members. There is also the option for you to  subscribe to the UKA (UK Athletics) through the club, this is paid on top of the club fee which can be paid straight away or added at anytime if you so choose. When joining the UKA  you enjoy the benefits of discounts on entry to races and much more. 

We welcome everyone who loves running - whether you are fast, or slow - we are building a reputation as being one of the most friendly and supportive club in the area. Simply join by clicking on the button above or download the membership form here and hand in to one of our lovely team members.

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